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The Witches and 5 reasons why you should go

Yesterday was the opening of the Trike Theatre production of The Witches. Hard work of twenty young actors definitely paid off. We went because we’re always going to Trike performances. The passion of the actors, the staff; they always make it such a professional and unforgettable experience. This time I had an extra reason to go because my son (Boris)  is in this play. Yes, I’m biased when I say it was an excellent performance. BUT there are more reasons to go of witch I shall mention only five.

Witches tekening ingekleurd copyFive reason to go to The Witches

1. Twenty young children have been working hard. Supporting these children in itself is a good reason to go. I will illustrate how nervous they all might be. When Boris (8) is nervous, he has to pee all the time. He did it when we moved to South Africa. He did it when we moved to the USA. And he’s doing it now. I guess the other parents might recognize this and have children with similar ‘nervous habits’. Come, applaud and ease those nerves.
2. The Witches. We all read this book. Our parents read it to us and you might be reading it with your children. It’s all about ‘Roald Dahl memories’ and you might create a valuable memory if you take your children to the play.
3. The Trike staff. The TRIKE staff! They have been amazing these past weeks. The children learned how to play in a real play, they bonded and we saw a very solid group of youngsters. Not only have they been doing that with passion, but Carley and Megan also managed to keep a group of 20 young actors connected and focused. They definitely deserve your support.
4. Be inspired. I’m sure that you will leave the theatre full of inspiration. Maybe you will read the book again. Maybe your children will share with you what they’ve seen the next day. Your kids might even perform bits and pieces for you. Maybe your children even want to be part of a play next time!
5. There’s no witch on a broomstick in the book or the play. If you didn’t know that, you’re missing out big time and you should definitely come and watch.

No time to waste

Come to ease nerves, to be inspired and to create beautiful memories. Are you already going? Fabulous! Otherwise, buy your tickets now for the tonight, tomorrow evening, or the matinee on Sunday the 26th of October. Click this link and it will direct you the site of Trike Theatre. See you there!