I studied law, worked for the government, loved my job and THEN – when the youngest baby was only three weeks old – we heard of this amazing opportunity to move to South Africa. I couldn’t work there and started a tough journey discovering that writing makes me happy. That’s how I started writing blogs, articles and content for different websites & magazines. 

After three years we moved to the United States where I started drawing too. Not because I thought I could illustrate extremely well, but because a drawing can emphasise the meaning of text. Plus, it made me happy. Most of the time that is, as for everything you undertake goes that it requires discipline and a lot of practice and ‘trial and error’ before you succeed.

So far my journey has brought me a lot. I’ve written for American magazines and I’ve had the honour to write an autobiography for a young and extremely talented Chinese lady. Currently I’m working on a dream project; I’m illustrating and American children’s book!

Family matters 

Since 2011 we’ve lived in South Africa and the United States. In the beginning of 2016 we moved back to the Netherlands.  As you can see the children have grown, we’ve experienced endless summers and a lot of nature, Joost experimented with a beard, I didn’t but I do still have the same winter coat. Alas, it’s not like I need an excuse to buy a new one.

foto familie moving



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