The cutest Elvis, ever

We went shopping at Sam’s club. I have to remind myself sometimes that those trolley’s -that I’m not supposed to call trolley’s, because a trolley is a tram, I’d have to call them shopping carts – are extremely big. When you’ve been living in the USA for a year, you get used to the size of things. You also get used to cleaning wipes and anti-germ sprays etc.  The girls are holding a wipe. First they wiped the cart, then they wiped the groceries and after that they wiped their faces.


Anyway, we paid, we went outside and Bobbie started ‘Return to Sender’ and turned into, or should I say ‘I tuned into’ the cutest Elvis ever.  I bet it will get you geared up for Blue Monday.  Have a great week!

The cutest Elvis, ever. #bentonville #elvis #returntosender

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