Moving is a memory game

This is going to be an easy move. We don’t have to cross an ocean or time zone. We do have to say goodbye, but we can catch up with our favorite neighbors whenever we want. The children won’t change schools and we will continuously sleep in our own beds instead of in Airbnb rentals for weeks.

The End.

Ha. Ha.

1. I’m panicking all the boxes myself. No, that is not misspelled.
2. The children and especially the girls tell me everyday that they don’t want to move because they LOVE the kids in the neighborhood.
3. The house is not finished yet and we will have to camp while people are still working on things.
4. The children relive previous moves.
5. I’m reliving previous moves too and I’m so aware of the fact that this move marks the end of our ‘living abroad life’.

Okay, where I said ‘easy’ with regard to this move, I meant ‘less hard’. Because moving in general is not easy. You leave a place that holds so many memories. When I’m stacking boxes in the smallest room of the house, I’m thrown back to changing Lucie’s diapers when she was just born. Eight diapers in four hours and that was perfectly healthy (said the doctor whom we phoned in despair because this couldn’t be normal?!) I remember Boris’ first steps and gosh, coming home with Bobbie from the hospital, dying to introduce number three to world.

Having lived abroad means I’m packing things from various parts of the world. I’m thrown back to beaches, houses, parties, friends. The children help me pack and together we go through pictures of our farewell parties in South Africa and the USA: ‘Oh mum, I remember that day, the donut biting game was so much fun!’ The memories are sweet and I wanted to write that the process is heavy, but I refuse to do so. It’s actually really nice to relive memories and it’s really good to experience that every filled box brings us closer to our new home.

Goodbyes were more definite when we moved overseas; we left a place and country we will most likely never live in again. Moving only one mile is easier, but it still feels like marking the end of a part of our life. It makes me sad and happy at the same time but happiness overrules. I wouldn’t change a thing and will again and again choose to move, to go UP! and add stories to our adventure book.


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