My new gym made me cry

IMG_9927‘I think I might be too tall for CrossFit,’ I said in despair to the CrossFit instructor. (It was that or crying, but I¬†considered myself too old for that.)
‘Nah, I don’t think so, look at them,’ said the coach – while pointing at huge men lifting weights as if they were balloons.
‘But those are men! That’s totally different!’ I replied.
It was day two at my new CrossFit gym and instead of lifting weights, I only lifted the stick that normally holds the weights.

How did I end up doing CrossFit?
Well, after the unexpected closure of my old gym, I tried another. It was okay, it provided a much needed routine and after four weeks I wanted to renew my membership. It was impossible, however, as this gym was about to close down too! Gyms seem to pass out when I arrive.

That’s how I ended up in the biggest and longest existing CrossFit box in Bentonville. The other CrossFitters asked me what I thought about it and I replied (again) that it was great, but that I’m most likely too tall. I told EVERYONE that I might be too tall. When I’m convinced of something I sometimes overshare. I think I do that to clear my head (I would like to give a less selfish reason, but I can’t think of one).
Nobody confirmed my beliefs, but instead started sharing their own handicaps:
– Oh funny, I always think that I’m too short!
– Oh funny, I always think that I’m not fast enough!
– Oh funny, I always think I’m not fit enough!
In the end we were empowering each other and figured that we all looked great and that I might not be too tall after all! We concluded that I should give it some time as things might change.

Things did change. After two weeks the summer vacation kicked in and I decided to bring my girls along. It made me nervous as I was afraid they would be too shy to stay in the designated children’s room.
They had a ball. They loved it, played with the other children and ran around when the class was done. Lucie, my shy middle one, even wanted to try CrossFit for kids.

IMG_9854We went on a Saturday and she had been looking forward to it the whole morning. She
was wearing new shoes, she smiled but then she had to line up. She turned to me and whispered with a very, very pale face: ‘Mom, I think I changed my mind.’
At that point the coach stepped in, grabbed her hand only to let it go when she was smiling and running and was confident enough to do it on her own. It made me grateful and proud and it brought tears to my eyes. Again.

This gym is a keeper.

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  1. I so love that your sense of humor translates to a language that isn’t your mother tongue. Awesome!

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