Parenting & vomit

Boris was only seven weeks old when he was admitted to hospital. He had a temperature, was sleeping constantly and it was hard to wake him up. It turned out to be a bladder infection, nothing serious, but he had to stay for a week. I remember my mom visiting us. We were standing next to Boris’ bed when the doctor walked in to update us. He asked something like: ‘And who is the mother of this little boy?’ I immediately looked at my mom. We all laughed. I wasn’t used to the title mother, let alone being one. There was still time though and one day, I would be a pro!



Here we are, nine years and two girls later and I often have no clue at all. I sometimes see parents dealing with their children like born naturals. I just do whatever feels right and sometimes do not even manage to do that.  I can’t always control my own emotions, I sometimes hide in my room to have a break, cry in front of them and I sometimes shout too. Apart from being a mom, I’m also a human being. It’s learning on the job and it’s an ongoing journey. Let’s – for example – talk about vomit.

Boris had vacation last week and we were in a rush to pick up the girls who attend another school. Boris opened the door to the garage, suddenly stopped and said: ‘Uhm, mom, I’m not feeling too well.’
Me: ‘Do you have to throw up?’
Boris: ‘Neh, I’m fine.’
Upon which statement he puked literally everywhere; on the floor, in the boots of the girls, on his shoes. Everywhere.

I stared and my brain stopped functioning. I froze instead of hugging Boris. I did nothing while I should have comforted him. The only thing I could think of was: ‘Oh no, I am the only adult here and I have to clean this!’ I closed my eyes, opened them and the scenery was still the same. I phoned Joost, who said: ‘Can’t you leave it and pick up the girls first?’ I will not repeat what I said to him while the smell of fresh vomit surrounded me.

Of course I got over myself and cleaned it – no clue btw, tips and tricks welcome (paper towels, plastic bags?) I fetched the girls while Boris took a shower and went to bed. I apologized when he woke up and explained that I just didn’t know what to do. That I kind of freaked out. Boris said: ‘It’s okay mom.’ That was nice & polite but it also made HIM the grown-up of the day.
Being a parent; hopefully one day, I will be a pro…


2 thoughts on “Parenting & vomit

  1. We hebben allebei niet alleen een zoontje met dezelfde naam maar ook dezelfde twijfels. Wat een herkenbaar en eerlijk stuk! Ik had een half jaar geleden de eerste kotservaring met Sien. Die bleef om de 10 minuten spugen. Ik kon niks anders bedenken dan haar meteen in bad te zetten, zonder eerst te knuffelen. Terwijl zij ook geen idee had wat haar overkwam. Eigenlijk best zielig. Ik dacht vooral: hoe deed mijn moeder dat in godsnaam? Haha. Volgens mij bestaan er geen oermoeders…ook zij moeten het wiel uitvinden en leren daar weer van. Denk je niet?

    1. Dank je voor je reactie! Ik denk dat het zo is als met alles (werk, moederen, relaties etc etc); als je je best doet, reflecteert en van je fouten leert, dan komt het wel goed. Het voelt alleen soms zo proefkonijnerig. Soms zie ik Boris ook met zijn ogen rollen, ai ai

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