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  1. Hello Eva,
    I just read your column MOM BACK IN CLOGS with the heading Pressing the right buttons in the July/August 2017 edition of DUTCH the magazine.
    I hope I am the first person to respond to this column so that you can send me your first attempt at letterpress with the word ‘Zoen’. I worked at the Edmonton Journal newspaper for almost 50 years and when I started there in 1959, the daily newspaper was still printed on letterpress presses until the late 1970’s when the process was changed to offset presses.

    1. Hi Harry,
      Thank you so much for tracking me down! Just realised I never mentioned how to get in touch with me in my column!
      I love your little story and how interesting that you’ve actually worked with those presses. Yes, you’re the first to respond and I’m happy to send you the card. Just send me an email on [email protected] with your address.
      Thanks again!

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