Skiing & why you shouldn’t speed

We went skiing in the middle of (nowhere in) the United States. It’s all possible in Weston Missouri (Snow Creek). There was fake snow, a few slopes and 18 degrees (Celcius). We went with a crazy bunch of people, there was beer and loads of laughs. The teachers were great too; Boris learned how to board and the girls know how to make a pizza. In the meanwhile I learned why you shouldn’t speed.

There’s a little town you will have to drive through to get to Snow Creek. You may only drive 35 miles an hour there. That’s not fast and the signs are somewhat hidden. In that town lives a man. I’m not sure if he’s the only person living in the town, it wouldn’t surprise me; he’s Ebenezer Scrooge before he’s visited by the ghosts. He’s very curious, he sticks his head through your window (once opened, he’s not that curious) and wants to know where you live and where you’re from and what brought you there. He’s not tall, not short, you will tell by the flashing lights of his car that it’s him. What I’m trying to say is: don’t speed. If you do, you will meet the most unfriendly policeman in the universe too!

Anyway, do go & speed it up on your ski’s only.



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