Snow and a bird feeder

On Friday it started snowing, again. Snow looks nice and you can sled and you can make a bird feeder. A beautiful looking, easy to make, DIY bird feeder project. Right.

The idea of a snow day is that it’s cozy and fun and that you will be able do things you normally wouldn’t have time for. In reality you’re waiting for the snow to melt. I discussed it with the husband and we think that the biggest problem is uncertainty.
Uncertainty as to when the snow will melt and until that time, you wait. It’s the same as waiting for the bus, a delayed plane or when you’re waiting for food in a restaurant that doesn’t come and you’re really, really hungry. In the meanwhile you start saying things like:

‘When do you think it’s gone?’
‘I haven’t seen someone to clear the roads, when will they come?’
‘I think it will be gone soon, hey, it stops, oh no, it it still snows.’
‘Do you think schools will be open on Monday?’

Saturday morning we made a plan. We would clean and tidy up and I would make a bird feeder with the kids. I googled ‘DIY bird feeders’ and found several recipes. They looked complicated,  you needed gelatine and in the description the word ‘messy’ popped up several times. I googled some more and found a wooden thing that you had to glue together. We had the wooden sticks they mentioned and I figured that I could totally do that with my glue gun!

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The girls sat down and we made it exactly as described. When it was finished we added the birdseeds. Of course the seeds were tiny and they fell through. So I glued the sides of the bird feeder to stop the seeds from falling out. It didn’t work and I thus added wooden sticks on the sides AND extra glue – seriously, the stress. After that there was a fight who could fill it up and then we FINALLY went outside.


The bird feeder attracted some birds and we all loved that. On Monday morning it looked like the birds either had a party, or big bird had made an emergency landing in the feeder.


My snow-DIY-conclusion so far: Snow is especially nice when you’re on vacation and a DIY project is especially nice on pictures.




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