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May be, bye May

May was our month of settling in.

In May we went on our first holiday in Europe.
In May we became used to a continuous forecast of rain and we also figured out that it actually doesn’t rain that often.
In May the children played outside ALL the time with all the kids in our neighbourhood.
In May we put our house on the market.
In May I got used to ‘Wednesday-afternoon-no-school’, which became ‘Wednesday-afternoon-warm-bread’ and resulted in tons of kids at our long table.
In May I was still angry with Joost now and then, but not as often as before.
In May we cycled everywhere and especially to the beach.

In May friendships became more solid. My children gained confidence and felt more and more at ease. They’ve gone through a period of despair after our move. They’ve been in denial, they didn’t want to be here. They’ve gone through a period of mourning; they felt like they lost their friends. Which, in a sense, is the case as their American friends are no longer part of their daily life.
In May I could see and feel them getting strong enough to accept, to be happy and to bounce back.

May was hectic, May was wonderful, maybe, May could stay.
Maybe, but I feel I can let go.

Bye May!

flamingo doei mei