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Cooking is harder than I thought

Boris (9) has a sleepover with his best friend. He would like to eat Taco’s because that’s his friend’s favorite food. Boris wants to prepare it himself and makes a grocery list. Salad will cost 8 dollars, black beans 4, mince 16 and the total amount of this dinner, according to Boris, will be 53 Dollar. Interesting. I guess we should include him more in daily life chores and especially running errands.

We have to stay out of the kitchen while Boris and his friend prepare dinner. It lasts one second, because Boris immediately cuts his finger. After that they try to open a can of corn with the garlic press. ‘How does that machine work?!’ they scream.
In the meanwhile they say things like:
‘Cooking is harder than I thought.’
‘Should this meat be red, it looks like blood, man, seriously so gross?!’
‘The hard part of cooking meat, is that you don’t know how people like their meat.’
Bobbie walks in and out and is sent away constantly which provokes her new favorite line: ‘Really, are you killing me?!’

The kitchen is a mess afterwards, but the boys are very proud. They are also sweaty and tired and when we ask them if they want to prepare dessert, they leave it to the girls. Girls are better cooks. Uhm yeah, got to work on that one.

Anyway, huge success, do try it at home.