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Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and Machteld and I therefore made another poem and drawing. It’s in Dutch, because writing in another language is one thing, writing poems or translating them is a bridge too far. The essence of the poem is easy to explain;  it’s about love and children and friendship and how they connect.

Bobbie (4) luckily still wants to marry me, Lucie (6) prefers to marry her best girlfriend – I will be way too old – and Boris (9) just wrote all of his classmates a card. He wrote ‘I love you’ to all the girls. I suggested to add ‘as a friend’. Yeah, that’s not romantic and I don’t think he took my advise seriously anyway. There will be puppy love and real love. In the end though, solid friendship seems to be crucial to the success of romantic relationships.

Boris made that quite clear the other day. Joost and I were in the kitchen, cooking and chatting and drinking wine when Boris walked in and said: ‘You guys are so lucky, you get to be together always and have sleep-overs and stuff. You’re like best friends’. It made me reflect. I had never seen myself as the girl who married her best friend (it’s pure chemistry right?) On the other hand, it is true. It’s that and especially that we can laugh really loud together (Joost louder than me btw, some things just never change).

Have a great Valentine’s day! Oh and find more on our Facebookpage ‘Vers op …’ 

Valentine aarde def