Uncombable Hair

What IS it?
Well, I’ll explain in word below, I but also made this infographic for the visual people.

Uncombable hair infographic

Both my girls have strange hair. They’ve had it since they were about three moths old. I’ve asked hairdressers, I googled and then someone suggested to pay the dermatologist a visit. So I went to the dermatologist who almost immediately knew what causes their hair to be unique. It’s the Uncombable Hair syndrome. No joke. It’s just a very random name for a syndrome. I wrote this about it.

The goal of this page is not clear to me yet. It would be fun to discover more uncombable haired children and grown-ups. I wonder if they outgrown their unique hair and have  normal hair now? I wonder who they are and where they live.

Spread the uncombable hair word. Send them to me and we will make a plan! Let’s celebrate Unique Hair!



7 thoughts on “Uncombable Hair

  1. Hi, I enjoyed this post! I also have two children with UHS too. I found you on a Google search of UHS, while looking to see if my latest blog on the subject would show up in Google Maybe you have some good hair care and styling tips you can share!

    1. Hi! Thanks for responding to my blog! Wow, I’m curious now, will have a look at your blog too! Wr to styling tips: they prefer to have it down and I find that braiding is really easy with this type of hair. I will write something about it soon, good idea :)

  2. Hi there – My daughter is 10 months old and has just been diagnosed. I’d love to find out more about what to expect and share any tips! Have you written more about their hair?! Would love to connect!

    1. Hi Hailey! There’s not much to expect other than beautiful hair! It won’t grow fast (never cut it short!) but it will look more beautiful as time goes by and it’s very easy to braid (once it’s long enough ;) I never treated it with oils or something, I hardly comb it, just let it be!

  3. Wat heb jij een mooi vormgegeven in blog. Ik mail je even omdat mijn dochter (4) precies hetzelfde haar als jouw dochters heeft. We vroegen ons altijd al af wat de reden van dat geweldige funky haar was en nu weten we het! Het grappige is, we hebben jullie een keer gezien in Naturalis in Leiden kan dat? Wij zagen toen jullie dochters en toen dacht ik huh! zij hebben hetzelfde haar. Ik had toen gewoon op jullie af moeten stappen, maar goed jij weet als geen ander dat soms ook even geen opmerkingen over die haren wil ;-). Ik hoop van je te horen!

    1. Hi Sally! Wat leuk om van je te horen! Kan heel goed dat we elkaar ooit in Naturalis zagen, we wonen in Voorburg. Wat jammer dat je me niet aangesproken hebt, had ik heel leuk gevonden! Ik stuur je een mailtje, volgens mij heb ik je mailadres omdat je daarmee gereageerd hebt :) Tot mails! Eva

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